【Nationwide】The animation One Piece and atomos which is the fashion brand collaborate!

Collaboration items by atmos and “One Piece” will appear. It will be sold at atmos stores and Straw stores excluding some stores from August 9 (Fri).

An animation version “ONE PIECE” that will reach the 20th anniversary of the 20th anniversary of the broadcast in 2019. The movie version “ONE PIECE STAMPEDE” will be released on August 9th (Fri), a series of the 14th movie the attention by fans all over the world.

Such “one piece” and sneaker shop atmos representative of Tokyo collaborate. A lineup of all three types of items, shirt type 2 and tote bags.

Wanted poster design T-shirt

The main T-shirt is a handbook designed by the main character “Luffy” with sneakers. The colorful sneakers are original ones with the font “ONE PIECE” and “ATMOS”.

Wanted Poster design 5.500 yen + Tax / each

In addition, T-shirts and collaboration bags with collaboration logos incorporating the pirate mark of “one piece of straw” in the atmos logo are also developed. Color prepares two colors, white and black, respectively.

5,000 yen + Tax / each

3,500 yen + Tax / each


atmos × ONE PIECE

【On sale date】August 9 (Fri) 2019
【Store】atmos store (excluding some stores), atmos online, straw store
“Mugiwara (Straw) Store” is in Abeno Q’s mall in Tennoji
“atomos” is in Namba and Shinsaibashi