【Nationwide】The cat-shaped geta, “Nyara-Geta”, is now available in a junior size!

Nara-Getaya, a long-established footwear manufacturer in Nara, sells cat silhouettes, cute geta, “Nyara-Geta”, is now available in junior size and sell at online shop.

About Nyara-Geta

Nara Geta-ya presents “Nyara-Geta”, a cute geta with a kitten silhouette. Because it is made by the long-established footwear manufacturer of course that it is cute, it is stuck to the ease of putting on in a great deal.

  • The material is EVA with excellent cushioning. It’s so soft that your feet are absorbed and water resistant. It is also thick enough to prevent heat from being transferred from the ground to the feet.
  • Great for the beach, flower watering, and walking! Great for the beach, flower watering, and walking!
  • Clog Thong has a unique I-slit structure that is both strong and soft. They don’t get sore and they don’t get tired after a long day of walking!

And the footprint is so cute! How about leaving a cute footprint on the beach?


Nyara-Geta Junior Size

【Sizing】Length 21cm, Width 13cm, Thickness 3cm
【Price】3,850 yen (includes tax)
【Online Store】http://www.narageta.jp/nyarageta/index.html