【Nationwide】The Häagen-Dazs 35th Anniversary product, “Midori-Koicha-” will be on sale from July 9 for a limited time.


Häagen-Dazs Japan celebrates its 35th anniversary this year with sales in Japan. To commemorate such 35 years, “Midori -Koicha-“, a special flavor of dark tea using only freshly picked tea leaves, will be released nationwide from July 9.

What’s Koicha (Dark Tea) ?

Koicha (Dark Tea) is a kind of green tea drinking style, and is considered to be a highly welcome in tea ceremony. It is made to knead without bubbling to the light tea which is made to boil.

Difference between Koicha (Dark Tea) and Usucha (Light Tea)

  1. Matcha, which is the raw material, is used for advanced products with strong umami and mild flavor.
  2. The amount of matcha used is large, and the taste of the material can be felt directly.

Matcha ice cream that expressed Koicha.

This product is a kind of green tea drink and is a special ice cream made with the concept of raw materials and ingredients inspired by “Koicha”, which is played in tea ceremony and is a place of high-class hospitality.

In order to express such dark tea, only the first hand-picked tea leaves specially made for this product are used extensively in the material. You can enjoy an unprecedented rich taste that balanced Matcha’s original sweetness and astringency.

The package has a 35th anniversary mark using Mizuhiki on the image of the dark tea world view, and is a design that gives a special feeling from the appearance.


The Häagen-Dazs 35th Anniversary product, “Midori-Koicha-“

【Release Date】July 9 (Tue)
【Retail Price】350 yen
【Sales place】Supermarkets and convenience stores throughout the country
【URL】 https://www.haagen-dazs.co.jp/midori/