【Nationwide】The Pip Eleki Ban 130 Hello Kitty Tenugui Set, a collaboration with Hello Kitty, is now on sale!

The “Pip Eleki Ban 130 Hello Kitty Tenugui Set” from the “Pip Eleki Ban” series, a magnetic therapy device that improves blood flow and relieves stiffness through the power of magnetism, has been released in collaboration with “Hello Kitty” since Monday, March 9 (Mon).

The limited set includes a cute “Tenugui” towel.

The ‘Pip Eleki-Ban 130 with Hello Kitty Tenugui Set’ is a Japan-only set that includes ‘Pip Eleki-Ban 130 with Hello Kitty’ and ‘Original Tenugui’ which is cutely designed with ‘Hello Kitty’ to explain the causes of stiff shoulders and points to apply Pip Eleki-Ban.

Freebie, Tenugui Towel

The “Pip Eleki-Ban 130 Hello Kitty Tenugui Set” is now on sale at drugstores and mass merchandisers nationwide, but you can also buy it online at Amazon. It’s only available in limited quantities, so if you’re curious about it, check it out early!


Pip Eleki-Ban 130 Hello Kitty Set with Tenugui Towel

【Release Date】March 9, 2020 (Limited quantity)
【Sore】Drug stores, mass merchandisers, supermarkets, etc. across the country