【Nationwide】The second Pure Gummy and Pikachu collaboration will be available in limited quantities starting July 21!


The second version of Pikachu Pure Gummy, a collaboration between Kanro’s popular “Pure Gummy” series and Pikachu, is now available. Pure Gummi Dengeki Tropika Flavor 2″ will be available in limited quantities across Japan from Tuesday, July 21, 2020.

The second edition of the popular Pikachu Pure Gummi♪

This is the second volume of the popular “Pikachu Pure Gummy” released in June 2020. “Pure Gummy Dengeki Toropica Flavor 2” contains pineapple juice, mango and banana juice, and cola flavor to give you a taste of Pikachu’s “Dengeki” attack technique. In addition, the combination of gelatin and pectin gives you a pleasantly chewy gelatin and pectin to enjoy the unique “crunchy and sticky” texture of pure gummy.

Pikachu (female) shaped gummies & Pikachu in summer outfit.

The gummies in “Pure Gummy Den-Geki Toropica Flavor 2” are almost Pikachu (female) shaped. The package design is also available in four patterns with a lot of original Pikachu illustrations. It’s a cute package full of Pikachu with sunglasses and straw hats to remind you of summer.


Pure Gummy Pokemon Lightning Tropica Flavor 2

【Release Date】Jul 21. (Tue), 2020
【Price】150 yen (tax included)
【Store】Supermarkets and convenience stores across the country