【Nationwide】Tsujiri’s Valentine’s products, including a picnic box, matcha and roasted green tea, are perfect for souvenirs!

Valentine-limited chocolate from Tsujiri Ginza store and department store events nationwide will be on sale at Tsujiri Ginza store.

Tsujiri Monogatari (Story) 2020

The new 2020 “Tsujiri Monogatari (Story) 2020” is a set of three-tiered picnic boxes with a stone mill design, packed with three types of fresh chocolate-made chocolate. Packed with 3 flavor such as “Uji Matcha”, which uses Uji Matcha, which is used for the tea ceremony, and is distinguished by its taste and “Uji Hojicha” which can enjoy the balance of mellow chocolate and fragrant Hojicha, and “Matcha champagne” combining bittersweet matcha with fragrant champagne.

Tsujiri Monogatari 2020 3,000 yen + Tax

Matcha Florentin

“Matcha Florentin”, which is also a new work, is a dish in which caramel and almond combined Florentin is placed on a marbled Uji matcha chocolate. You can enjoy the savory taste and crisp texture.

Matcha Florentin 1,500 yen + Tax

Tsujiri Collection

The “Tsujiri Collection” is a bonbon chocolate assortment using carefully selected tea leaves that go well with chocolate. Seven flavors, such as “Dark tea” using stone-milled first-grade tea for serving, “Sansho (zanthoxylum fruit)” characterized by a green dome shape, “Sakura (Cherry blossom) strawberry” with strawberry sweetness and cherry blossoms, and “Hojicha” a new flavor in 2020 Are assorted.

Tsujiri Collection 1,180 yen + Tax for 4 pieces, 1,770 yen + Tax for 5 pieces, 2,360 yen + Tax for 8 pieces


Tsujiri Valentine Chocolat Collection 2020

【Release Date】January 16, 2020
【Stores】Tsujiri Ginza store, department store special event nationwide
【Event store in Osaka】Hankyu Umeda, Hanshin Umeda, Daimaru Umeda store & Shinsaibashi Store, Osaka Takashimaya, Abeno Kintetsu