【Nationwide】Yukimi Daifuku, lemon cheesecake style daifuku, is now on sale!


It’s getting hotter and hotter… When it’s hot, run to the convenience store for some delicious, cheap ice cream to soothe you! Lotte’s new ice cream “Yukimi Daifuku Lemon Cheesecake-style Daifuku” went on sale on Monday, May 25, 2020.

Refreshing taste

“Yukimi Daifuku Lemon Cheesecake Style Daifuku” is a new ice cream with a refreshing flavor of cheese ice cream wrapped in soft and fluffy mochi. The glutinous rice cake is a gentle yellow color for a refreshing visual experience.

The cheese ice cream has a lemon sauce in the center, and the slightly sour lemon sauce and cheese ice cream go well together, giving it a refreshing lemon cheesecake-like taste.

In addition, new ice cream ‘YUKIMI-DAIFU Lemon Cheesecake Style Daifuku’ is a flavour chosen by fan vote after public vote on the theme of YUKIMI-DAIFU they want to eat in summer.


Yukimi Daifuku Lemon Cheesecake Style Daifuku

【Release Date】May 25, 2020
【Retail Price】180 yen + Tax
【Store】Supermarket, CVS nationwide