【Nationwide】”Yukimi Daifuku Mochi Mochi Pancakes” with maple sauce and pancake flavored ice cream wrapped in toys will be released!


What kind of ice cream! ? “Yukimi Daifuku Mochi Mochi Pancake” will be released nationwide from March 2, 2020 (Monday).

Yukimi Daifuku Mochi Mochi Pancake

“Yukimi Daifuku Mochi Mochi Mochi Pancakes” is a pancake flavored ice cream with maple sauce wrapped in a sticky dough, Mochi. You can enjoy a mysterious taste as if you were eating pancakes.

In addition, the movie “Masaru Yumeya”, an entertainer who wants to eat pancakes, will be released along with the release date. ] Has been released. (Unfortunately it’s Japanese …) A gift campaign of 1,500 “Yukimi Daifuku Momochi Pancakes” will also be held.


Yukimi Daifumo Mochi Mochi Pancake

【Release Date】March 2, 2020 (Monday)
【Price】180 yen + Tax
【Store】Supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide