【Nationwide / Baskin Robbins】 New ice cream “Berry Berry Strawberry Tart” is now available!


Baskin Robbins have released a new ice cream, “Berry Berry Strawberry Tart,” which will be available from January 14, 2021 (Thu).

New “Strawberry Tart”-Style Ice Cream

Baskin Robbins’ “Berry Berry Strawberry Tart” is a new flavor inspired by the “strawberry tart”. It is a combination of the popular “Berry Berry Strawberry” flavor, which contains sweet and sour strawberry pulp and strawberry puree, and rich French vanilla ice cream, with a tart-like pastry to accentuate the texture.

Berry Berry Strawberry Tart Single and regular size: 390 yen

A luxurious sundae with lots of strawberries is also available.

Baskin Robbins will be holding a “Pink Sweet Time” campaign from Thursday, January 14 to Wednesday, March 3. Baskin Robbins will offer a variety of strawberry menu items in addition to the “Berry Berry Strawberry Tart”.

The “Premium Strawberry” is a sundae with a total of five strawberries. Two small ice creams of your choice can be topped with fresh strawberries, plenty of whipped topping, and a crunchy pie. The strawberries are decorated like a flower and look gorgeous.

Premium Strawberry 1,050 yen *Eat-in only

The Strawberry Sundae is a small ice cream of your choice, topped with fresh strawberries, whipped topping, and a rich chocolate sauce. To finish it off, it is decorated with pink heart chocolate.

Strawberry Sundae Double 700 yen

TO-GO menu featuring Mickey & Minnie

Also available is the “Mickey & Minnie Heart Box,” featuring Disney’s Mickey & Minnie Mouse. You can take out four ice creams of your choice, along with Mickey & Minnie Mouse cups and boxes.

The heart-studded box is a perfect item for the Valentine’s Day season, with a mechanism that reveals Mickey and Minnie Mouse, who are in love with each other.


Baskin Robbins “Pink Sweet Time”

■ Berry Berry Strawberry Tart Single and regular size: 390 yen
【Sales Period】 Jan 14 (Thu) – Limited time (ends as soon as they are gone)

■ Premium Strawberry 1,050 yen *Eat-in only
■ Strawberry Sundae Single 520 yen / Double 700 yen
■ Mickey & Minnie Heart Box: 4 small boxes, 1,120 yen / 4 regular boxes, 1,560 yen (takeout only)
【Sales Period】 Jan 14 (Thu) – Mar 3 (Wed), 2021 (ends as soon as they are gone)

■ Mickey & Minnie / Classic Decoration 3,500 yen
【Release Date】 Feb 1 (Mon)- *Year-round sales