【Nationwide / Baskin & Robbins】An absolutely delicious one! Sunset Surfing, a summer-only flavor, was launched.


“Sunset Surfing,” a summer-only flavor inspired by “surfing,” was launched by Baskin-Robbins on Wednesday, July 1, 2020.

Single/regular size reference price: 390 yen (tax included)

Seasonal Ice Cream

Sunset Surfing is a seasonal ice cream that, as the name implies, expresses the concept of “surfing at sunset” with summery flavors. The blue tinted salted lychee flavored sorbet is the star of the show, while the white coconut flavored sorbet is mixed with a “wave” of white coconut flavored sorbet, with a hint of pineapple ribbon in the shape of a sunset.

And, of course, tropical flavour combinations also go well together. The refreshingly sweet salted lychee flavoured sorbet and the sweet flavoured coconut flavoured sorbet are a perfect match. Slightly sour pineapple ribbon accents the summery taste. You can do this.


Baskin & Robbins “Sunset Surfing”

【Sales Period】Jul. 1 (wed) – Limited time only (while supplies last)
【Price】Single/regular size reference price: 390 yen (tax included)
*Prices vary by store.
【Store】Baskin & Robbins nationwide