【Nationwide / Baskin & Robbins】If you find it, buy it! Baskin & Robbins’ first “original eco-bag” is now available.

With the introduction of a shopping bag fee on July 1, the introduction of eco-friendly bags is becoming more and more popular these days. From July 1 (Wed), Baskin & Robbins has also released its first 31 Original Eco-Bags.

Cute Adult Eco-Bag

The Baskin & Robbins Original Eco-Bag 300 yen (tax included) is a renewal of the popular premium eco-bag from January to February of this year. The dark brown base is adorned with colorful ice cream and the “BR” logo print, making it a cute and mature design.

This time, too, it was so popular that many stores have already stopped selling it. You might be lucky to find it.

Plenty of room for your stuff.

The size is 53cm wide x 30cm long, and the 21cm gusset is also a nice feature to hold plenty of luggage. Baskin & Robbins take-out items, variety packs, and gift boxes can all fit nicely. It folds up easily and has a functional multi-rubber for everyday use as well as shopping at Baskin & Robbins.

100 yen off for a limited time!

From July 1 (Wed) to 19 (Sun), those who purchase a ‘Variety Pack’ (regular size) will be able to purchase a Baskin & Robbins Original Eco Bag for 200 yen, a 100 yen discount. Please note that it does not have a cooling function.


Baskin & Robbins Original Echo-Bag

【Sales Period】Jul 1 (wed) – 19 (sun), 2020
【Price】300 yen