【Nationwide Baskin-Robbins】Summer limited! “ice cream × ice soda”, The Crush Soda is on sale for a limited time!


Baskin-Robbins’ summer limited edition “The Crush Soda” is back again this year with an increased capacity. It will be available from Monday, July 20, 2020 until Tuesday, August 25, 2020.

The Crush Soda

The Crush Soda, which will continue to be available in 2019, is a summer-only drink that combines “swooshing” bouncing carbonation and zakuza ice with your favorite ice cream.

The base drink, “Peach & Grape,” inspired by freshly picked peaches and thick grapes, has been added to the lineup as a new flavor, as well as “Melon & Blue,” a moderately sweet drink that was popular last year. All of them are attractive with a fresh gradation of colors that remind us of summer.

We also recommend ice cream flavors to go with each drink. The refreshing Lemon Sorbet in the Peach & Grape and the candy-in-your-mouth Popping Shower in the Melon & Blue go particularly well together, so if you’re having a hard time deciding on a combination, take a look!

*The Crush Soda – Peach & Grape 580 yen (tax included) *Reference price

*The Crush Soda Melon & Blue 580 yen (tax included)
*Reference price


The Crush Soda – Peach & Grape, Melon & Blue

【Sales Period】Jul 20 (Mon) – Aug 25 (Tue) 2020
【Price】580 yen each (tax included)
(Reference price. Price range varies by store.)