【Nationwide / CVS】Häagen-Dazs will release two new products with a gorgeous taste perfect for autumn from today!


Crispy Sand “Mascarpone & Fig -Rum Sake-” and mini cup “Creamy Vanilla Pudding” will be released nationwide for a limited time from Tuesday, October 8th.

Crispy Sand “Mascarpone & Fig -Rum Sake-“

Crispy Sand “Mascarpone & Fig -Rum Sake-” offers the sweet and sour taste unique to figs and the rich richness of mascarpone, and is perfect for the autumn when the secret rum is soft and fragrant. A rich mascarpone ice cream with a sweet and sour-tasting fig sauce is wrapped in a mascarpone chocolate coating and sandwiched in a crisp wafer. With the addition of rum as a hidden taste to the sauce and ice cream, it has a gorgeous and rich taste.

Häagen-Dazs “first” material “figure”

It was developed with a focus on figs, which are popular for their soft and sour taste. Gentle taste of figs was a difficult material that made it difficult to taste depending on the ingredients, but when combined with mascarpone, it is finished so that you can feel the taste of figs firmly in the rich taste typical of Häagen-Dazs. You can enjoy the graininess of the flesh from the sauce that uses up to fig seeds.

Mini cup “Creamy Vanilla Pudding”

The mini cup “Creamy Vanilla Pudding” is a custard pudding that combines the rich taste of custard ice cream with vanilla milk sauce with a gorgeous vanilla flavor to make you feel the taste of milk.

Rich taste of custard pudding with milk

A thick custard ice cream with a rich flavor that tastes rich in eggs and milk, and a rich milk sauce combined with gorgeous vanilla. The vanilla milk sauce enhances the taste of custard ice cream and creates a smooth mouth. Custard ice cream uses Häagen-Dazs special milk and plenty of eggs. An ice cream with a rich milk and egg richness.


Crispy Sand “Mascarpone & Fig -Rum Sake-“
Mini cup “Creamy Vanilla Pudding”

【Price】295 yen
【Release Date】Oct. 8 (Tue.)
【Store】National supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores, etc.