【Nationwide (CVS Sweets)】Uji Matcha Ice Cream with Koshian, “Pino Uji Matcha-Azuki-Shitate” has been released nationwide since yesterday!


The new ice cream “Pino Uji Matcha – Azuki-Shitate” from the Pino series is now available, which looks like a Japanese confectionery. The product is available nationwide for a limited time only from Monday, March 23, 2020.

Pino Uji Matcha – Azuki-Shitate 140 yen + Tax

Ice cream like Japanese sweets.

“Pino Uji Matcha-Azuki Tailoring” is an ice cream that can enjoy the deep flavor of Japanese sweets. It has been re-collaborated with Jun Kuroki, the master of Japanese food “Kurogi”, which is said to be “the hardest to make a reservation in Japan”, and has a special Japanese flavor.

Uji Matcha Ice Cream is filled with sweet red bean paste made from Hokkaido azuki beans for a mellow taste. The bite-sized ice cream is wrapped in the melt-in-your-mouth Uji matcha chocolate, which adds an accent to the texture. As soon as you take it into your mouth, you can feel the real umami of Uji Matcha.

In addition, the package was designed in collaboration with ‘Eirakuya’, a long-established tenugui shop in Kyoto, and comes in three types of designs with original designs.


Pino Uji Matcha – Azuki-Shitate

【Release Date】March 23, 2020
【Retail Price】140 yen + Tax
【Store】CVS, Supermarket, mass-market store