【Nationwide / E-shopping】UNIQLO UT has collaborated with Mobile Suit Gundam, and the “Gunpla 40th Anniversary UT” will be on sale from April 24th!

UNIQLO’s t-shirt brand “UT” will release “Gunpla 40th Anniversary UT” men’s t-shirts at UNIQLO stores and online stores nationwide on April 24, 2020 (Friday).

Gunpla 40th Anniversary UT

The “Gunpla 40th Anniversary UT” will feature plastic models of the Mobile Suit Gundam that are popular from a wide range of ages. RX-78-2 Gundam, Nu Gundam (New Gundam), Z Gundam (Zeta Gundam), and Strike Freedom Gundam, crossing the barriers of the series, popular mobile suits have been dropped into the design.

There’s also a design using a runner from a plastic model of the first Gundam, a Zaku II name printed on the front logo, and a T-shirt with the mark of the Earth Federation Army engraved on the mobile suit. This T-shirt of ‘Strike Freedom Gundam’ from ‘Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny’ features a line drawing of the symbolic pose of the wing in operation.

You can even get a Gunpla!

In addition, if you buy two “Gunpla 40th Anniversary UT” T-shirts, you can also get a UNIQLO UT original Gunpla for free! Two types of UNIQLO-inspired products will be available, the “Gundam” and “Zaku,” both in red and white. From the packaging to the instruction manual, everything is made to UNIQLO UT’s original specifications.


UNIQLO “Gunpla 40th Anniversary UT

【Release Date】April 24 (Fri), 2020
【Items】Men’s T-shirts (8 patterns): 1,500 yen + tax
【Stores】UNIQLO stores and online stores nationwide
【About novelty goods】
If you purchase two qualifying items, you will receive a UNIQLO Original Gunpla.
The distribution method is different in the store and online store. Details can be found on the special website.
This is a limited number and will be sold out when it is gone.