【Nationwide / Family Mart (CVS)】 They’ve just released a new ice cream that tastes like rich caramel!


Family Mart’s original “Taberu (Eatable) Ranch Caramel” ice cream went on sale at Family Mart nationwide on Tuesday, November 17, 2020.

The latest addition to the popular “Taberu Bokujo” ice cream lineup is a caramel flavor

FamilyMart’s popular “Taberu Bokujo” ice cream series is the No. 1 selling original ice cream in its history. A variety of flavors have been developed in the past, but this time, a new one with a rich caramel flavor will be added to the lineup.

In order to provide a variety of eating styles, the ice cream is divided into two layers: a rich milk ice cream made from 56% milk and a caramel ice cream with two types of caramel paste, sweet and bitter, divided at the top and bottom. In between each ice cream is a sauce made of caramel, which is made from slow-cooked roasted sugar and fresh cream.


Taberu Bokujo Caramel

【Release Date】 Nov 17 (Tue), 2020
【Price】 208 yen (included tax)
【Store】 FamilyMart nationwide