【Nationwide / Fashion】Panda room-ware will be on sale from gelato pique only for Halloween.

gelato pique has released a room-ware collection “gelato piquet Halloween” for women, men and kids with a panda motif. It will be released from Friday, October 4, 2019.

Panda Moko Parker 6,800 yen / Panda Moko Short pants 4,200 yen

gelato pique Halloween Collection

Panda is the leading role in the “gelato pique Halloween” collection. We offer a variety of small items such as stuffed toys, as well as knitwear using the limited “Panda Moko” material and thermometers with panda illustrations. Knitwear made of fluffy “Panda Moko” material includes a hoodie and shorts setup, a big hoodie dress, and a baby romper.

Panda Moko Parker for Man 7,200 yen / Panda Moko Short Pants for Man 6,200 yen

Panda Big Parker 7,000 yen / Baby romper 6,600 yen

Thin and warm thermal clothing includes a set of waffle pullovers and long pants, and a baby romper. This is printed with a lovely panda in various poses. Since the ribs are attached to the hem of the pants, it does not turn up even if it moves while sleeping, and it prevents cold.

Panda waffle pullover 6,600 yen (men’s) / Panda waffle long pants 6,600 yen (men’s)

In addition, pandas with reversible panda face and border designs, panda motif socks, stuffed toys, pouches, hair bands, etc. will be available.


gelato pique Halloween Collection

【Release Date】October 4, 2019
【Store】gelato piquet All Stores, Official Online Store, Usagi Online