【Nationwide / Komeda Coffee】Eight kinds of menus such as chocolate noir using chocolate soft ice cream supervised by high-quality chocolate specialty store “Godiva” are sold in limited quantities from February 7 (Fri)!


From February 7 (Fri), a collaborative project with the high-end chocolate specialty store “Godiva” will be held at Komeda coffee stores throughout Japan. Godiva Japan Co. Chef Chocolatier / Patissier Eight kinds of products such as Chocolat Noir supervised by Mr. Yannick CHEVOLLEAU will be sold in limited quantities.

Luxury just now filled with chocolate

Godiva Japan Chef Chocolatier / Patissier Mr. Yannick CHEVOLLEAU Supervised products are available in limited quantities! Eight kinds of products using soft ice cream such as Shironoir will be transformed into luxurious chocolate soft ice cream with cocoa at the same price. In addition to Shironoir, cream coffee, cream ole, ice cocoa, coffee jelly, coffee shake, and soft ice cream also turn into chocolate soft ice cream. Komeda will provide customers with a special “just for the moment” during their usual relaxing time. If you want to eat, please visit the store as soon as possible because it will end as soon as it is limited.

From Left) Cream coffee 550 – 650 yen, Cream au lait 550 – 680 yen, Iced cocoa 550 – 650 yen, coffee jelly 580 – 640 yen

From Left) Coffee shake 540 – 640 yen, Soft served ice cream 430 – 500 yen

Chocolate noir

Chocolate noir

Almond praline is topped on chocolate soft ice cream featuring rich and noble cacao flavor and taste. Almond praline’s fragrance and texture enhance the taste.


GODIVA collaboration menus

【Release Date】February 7 (Fri), 2020
【Store】Komeda’s coffee stores nationwide
*During this period, vanilla soft served ice cream will be discontinued.
*Sales of cream soda, iced tea float, and strawberry shake have been discontinued.
*The photograph is an image. Actual offerings may differ from photos.