【Nationwide / Komeda Coffee】Seasonal Shiro Noir “Adult Noir” is available now for a limited time!


An absolutely delicious one! Seasonal Shiro Noir and Otona Noir will be available for a limited time at Komeda coffee shops nationwide from Tuesday, September 1, 2020 until around mid-October.

Otona Noir (Adult Noir) 750 yen / 770 yen (tax included)

Seasonal Shiro Noir is coffee flavored

Otona Noir (Adult Noir), characterized by the richness and subtle bitterness of coffee, is back. Deeply roasted espresso-flavored coffee syrup soaks into the Danish bread and is topped with lightly sweetened soft serve ice cream. The finishing touch is a cocoa-flavored phiantine, which adds a crunchy, crunchy accent.

They are available in regular size for everyone to share and in mini sizes for an after dinner dessert. It goes great with Comeda Coffee Shop’s signature coffee, the Comeda Blend, so be sure to order it together.

Otona Noir (Adult Noir) Mini Size 550 yen / 570 yen (tax included)


Otona Noir (Adult Noir)

【Sales Period】Sep 1 (Tue) – Around mid-Oct.
【Price】Otona Noir 750 yen / 770 yen, Otona Noir Mini 550 yen / 570 yen
*Prices vary by store.
【Store】All Komeda coffee shops in Japan *except for some shops.