【Nationwide / Komeda’s Coffee】 Seasonal Shironoire “Ogura Noir” now on sale!


Komeda’s Coffee Shop has introduced a new seasonal shironoir, “Ogura Noir,” which will be available at all Komeda Coffee stores nationwide from December 4, 2020 (Fri) until mid-January 2021.

Japanese style “Shiro-noire” with plenty of Ogura bean paste and warm danish

The “Ogura Noir,” a Japanese style Shiro-noir filled with Ogura-an (sweet red bean paste) sandwiched between warm Danish bread, is now available again for a limited season. The mellow soft ice cream and sweet and sour strawberry sauce intertwine to accentuate the dusty sweetness of the Ogura-an.

“Gently sweetened” with Komeda’s homemade Ogura bean paste.

Komeda’s own sweet red bean paste is used for the anko, which is the key to the flavor, and has a gentle sweetness that lets you feel the original flavor of azuki beans. The visual of the pure white soft serve ice cream with red strawberry sauce on top is also eye-catching. It is available in two sizes, a regular size for sharing and a mini size for a perfect after-dinner dessert.


Ogura noir: 750 yen-770 yen / Mini size: 550 yen-570 yen

【Sales Period】 Dec 4 (Fri), 2020 – Mid-January 2021 (to be determined)
【Store】 All Komeda Coffee stores in Japan