【Nationwide / Lawson】Minion is now a Japanese snack!


Introducing “Tabe Mas (Eatable Mascot) Minion”, a Japanese candy featuring Bob, Stuart and Kevin from “Minion”. It’s on sale in limited quantities at Lawson’s nationwide starting Tuesday, August 4, 2020!

Eatable Mascot, Minion

“Tabe Mas (Eatable mascot) Minion” is a wagashi (Japanese sweets) featuring the popular “Minion” characters, the hard-working and innocent Bob, the mischievous Stuart, and the leader, Kevin.

“Eatable mascot” “Tabe Mas” series is the only way to recreate the individuality of these “minions”, including their goggles and hairstyles, with the precision of the series. The way she sits there with her plump figure is adorable.

It’s not just the visuals, but the flavors as well. The red bean paste inside retains an elegant taste, but the flavors are different, with Bob tasting like their favorite banana, Stuart tasting like strawberry, and Kevin tasting like chocolate.


Tabe Mas (Eatable Mascot), Minion

【Release Date】Aug 4 (Tue), 2020
【Store】The chilled dessert section of Lawson nationwide.
【Price】264 yen + Tax (each)