【Nationwide Loft】 The Dragon Quest x Loft Merchandise Caravan 2020 is going on for a limited time!

Dragon Quest x Loft Goods Caravan 2020, a Loft project focusing on Dragon Quest-related goods, is currently being held at 112 Loft stores across Japan from Friday, October 2, 2020 to early November!

Lemon Slime” merchandise at lofts nationwide!

The venue will be filled with merchandise featuring Lemon Slime, a yellow slime that was pre-released and popular during the Dragon Quest x Loft Goods Caravan, which was first held in 2019.

The slime cushion and the series’ familiar slime hourglass.

Smiley Slime Big Cushion (Lemon Slime)
17,380 yen (tax included)

One of the most noteworthy is the big-size cushion in the shape of the iconic “slime” silhouette. Its size and bright yellow color make it stand out, and it’s a must-have item, especially if you’re playing the Dragon Quest series.

Dragon Quest Kyu-Slime (Slime Mold Pot: Yellow)
2,750 yen (tax included)

Other items in the Dragon Quest series include the new yellow color of Kyu-Slime, a popular teapot in the series of household goods featuring a slime, the Dragon Quest Slime Morimori Box, which includes a total of four items such as a plush tissue cover and a clear tumbler, and the Dragon Quest series’ The ‘Dragon Quest Slime Hourglass (Lemon Slime)’ is a commercial version of the familiar slime hourglass from the loading screen of


Dragon Quest X Loft Merchandise Caravan 2020: Lemon Slime Swarms at the Loft!

【Sales Period】 Oct 2 (Fri) – Early November
*The event will be held at Umeda Loft from September 25 (Friday) to November 3 (Tuesday, holiday).
【Store】 112 Loft stores and Loft Net stores nationwide