【Nationwide / Loft】Super Cute!! The “Hello Kitty” glasses which is designed to show off kitty’s face when you pour drink will be launched.

Sanrio’s “Hello Kitty” double-wall glass, in which Sanrio’s “Hello Kitty” face appears when the drink is poured into the glass, is now on sale. They will be available at Loft stores across Japan from July 20 (Mon).

Goodglass’ hand-made “Hello Kitty” design glass

GOODGLAS, a double-wall glass shop that specializes in double-wall glassware, has produced cute designs such as bears and cats in the past. The completed kitty, which was created through the familiar process of careful handcrafting by glass artisans, is impressive for its warm and soft expression.

You can pour hot drinks also!

You can enjoy the expressions of the characters in different moods depending on the drink being poured. It is also heat resistant and can be used for hot drinks, so you can enjoy a variety of drinks all season long.

Available in 4 colors

There are four variations in total.
They have red, pink, blue and gold, focusing on Kitty’s “ribbon color”.


Hello Kitty double wall glass

【Release Date】July 20 (Mon), 2020
【Price】3,600 yen + Tax
【Capacity】 250ml * Individual differences may occur due to handmade.
【Store】Nationwide Lofts
【Store in Osaka】Umeda Store, Lucua Osaka Store, Namba Store, Tennoji Mio Store, Abeno Store