【Nationwide / Mr. Donut】 misdo meets PIERRE MARCOLINI The Pierre Marcolini Collection is now available for a limited time only!


Mr. Donut has announced the launch of “misdo meets PIERRE MARCOLINI Pierre Marcolini Collection” doughnuts and danishes co-developed with Pierre Marcolini, available for a limited time only at all Mr. Donut stores from January 8, 2021 (Fri). It will be available for a limited time only at all Mister Donut stores from January 8, 2021 (Fri).

A representation of Pierre Marcolini’s popular bonbon chocolates

The new doughnuts and danishes from Mr. Donut and Pierre Marcolini are inspired by Pierre Marcolini’s popular bonbon chocolates. The newly developed “Fondant Chocolate Doughnut,” with its moist dough, and the “Danish Chocolate,” a cocoa-flavored Danish, recreate Pierre Marcolini’s famous bonbon chocolates.

A “fondant chocolate” style donut with moist dough and rich cream

Fondant Chocolate Doughnut

Fondant chocolate doughnut, chocolate, 200 yen + tax

The “Fondant Chocolat Doughnut” features a moist dough that expresses the bittersweet taste of real chocolate. When eaten together with the cream squeezed in the center, you can feel the richness and smoothness of fondant chocolate even though it is a doughnut.

There are four flavors. The “Fondant Chocolate Donut Chocolat,” inspired by the “Pierre Marcolini Grand Cru” bonbon chocolate, has a richly cocoa-flavored ganache cream in the center. The surface is coated with chocolate and topped with bitter flakes of chocolate.

Fondant Chocolate Doughnut Caramel

Fondant Chocolate Doughnut Caramel 200 yen + Tax

The “Fondant Chocolate Doughnut Caramel” is a representation of Pierre Marcolini’s “Animo Caramel”. The center of the doughnut is filled with salted caramel cream, and bitter cocoa powder is added to the surface.

Fondant Chocolate Doughnut Raspberry

Fondant Chocolate Doughnut Raspberry 200 yen + Tax

The brand’s iconic bonbon chocolate “Cool Framboise” is recreated in the “Fondant Chocolate Donut Framboise”. The center is filled with bittersweet ganache cream and raspberry cream, and finished with white chocolate and raspberry sugar.

Fondant chocolate doughnut hazelnut

Fondant chocolate doughnut hazelnut 200 yen + Tax

Inspired by Pierre Marcolini’s famous “Cour Noisette”, the “Fondant Chocolate Donut Hazelnut” is filled with ganache whip and hazelnut cream. It is wrapped in white chocolate and topped with glitter.

“Heart-shaped cocoa-flavored Danish

Pierre Marcolini’s iconic heart-shaped “Danish chocolates” are available in two flavors.

The “Danish Chocolate Framboise”, inspired by the “Cool Framboise”, is a cocoa-flavored Danish dough sandwich with ganache whip and raspberry cream. Finally, it is garnished with sweet and sour raspberry sugar.

The “Danish Chocolate Hazelnut,” inspired by the “Cour Noisette,” is made with ganache whip, hazelnut cream, and flaked chocolate sandwiched between Danish dough and coated with white chocolate. The result is a product with just the right amount of bitterness and elegant sweetness.


misdo meets PIERRE MARCOLINI Pierre Marcolini Collection

【Release Date】 Jan 8 (Fri), 2021
【Store】 All Mister Donut stores (excluding some stores)

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