【Nationwide / Mr. Donut】There are some adorable Halloween-only donuts on sale now!


Mr. Donut is now selling limited edition “Ouchi de MISDO HALLOWEEN (Halloween at home)” doughnuts for Halloween, starting Friday, September 4, 2020.

“Haunted” donuts are now available for Halloween only!

At the “Ouchi de MISDO HALLOWEEN”, the donut ghosts will say “We’re going to go out this year! is envisioned to be a story about the hilarious and cute Halloween friends who live inside the Jack O’Lantern and go out of the shop to play and see everyone’s smiling faces. They’ve got five donuts ready to go, perfect for a Halloween party.

White Chocolate and Coconut’s “Surprising Ghost” surprises you with its reflection in the glass, frazzled man! I can’t get enough of his face.

The flapping bats, which appear with many bats, are chocolate dough topped with a purple potato glaze and feather-shaped chocolate.

The witch’s errand boy, Black Cat, is “Black Cat French” with chocolate ears and eyeballs on a chocolate coated French cruller.

But s/he’s actually surprised s/he’s not a complete black cat!

The “Kurukuru Pink Mummy” has a great sense of bandages and is the idol of the mummy world, smart and cute! Fluffy fruit sticks and strawberry chocolate with cute chocolate eyes!

There are only five types of doughnuts available, but there are also 10 different types of “eyeballs” so that you can enjoy the various expressions of the ghosts in one doughnut, making it fun to choose a doughnut!



【Sales Period】Sep 4 (Fri) – Oct 31 (Sat), 2020
【Store】All Mr. Donuts stores (except some shops)