【Nationwide / Ohsho】 The popular menu “Gomoku Ankake Ramen” is available only in December and January


“Gomoku Ankake Ramen”, a limited menu item for December and January in “Gyoza no Ousho”, is now on sale at “Gyoza no Ousho” and “GYOZA OHSHO” across the country from December 1 (Tue.) to January 31 (Sun.), 2021 (except for some restaurants).

No. 1 in monthly menu sales! Gomoku Ankake Ramen

The monthly menu “Gomoku Ankake Ramen” has been on sale since 2017, and is a very popular menu item that ranked first in sales last year. It is a delicious dish of warm and thick soup with a fluffy egg and plenty of ginger, and the noodles are made of 100% Hokkaido wheat flour.

Gomoku Ankake Ramen 637 yen + Tax

You can also enjoy a set menu

In addition to the single item “Gomoku Ankake Ramen” for 637 yen (tax not included), “Fair Set A” which includes “Gomoku Ankake Ramen”, “three gyoza”, and “almond bean curd” for 837 yen (tax not included), and “Fair Set B” which includes “Gomoku Ankake Ramen”, “three gyoza”, and “small rice” for 864 yen (tax not included). Three gyoza can be added to each “Fair Set” for 100 yen (tax not included).

Take this opportunity to taste “Gomoku Ankake Ramen”, the number one selling monthly menu item.


Gomoku Ankake Ramen

【Sales Period】 Dec 1 (Tue) 2020 – Jan 31 (Sun), 2021
【Price】 637 yen + Tax
【Store】 GYOZA OHSHO, except for Gyoza no Ousho and some other restaurants nationwide