【Nationwide / Pizza Hut】 Now there’s a set of pizzas for one person to enjoy!


In response to the growing demand for individual meals due to the Corona disaster, Pizza Hut started selling “MY BOX,” a pizza set exclusively for one person, nationwide on January 12 (Tue).

Your choice of pizza, fries, or chicken in one box!

After a limited test sale in November last year at 20 stores in the metropolitan area, many people commented that it was the perfect size for one person and that they had been waiting for a product like this, so we decided to create a new package and launch it nationwide.

The set includes a 15cm-diameter “S-size pizza,” “Hat Fry Fries,” a crunchy French fry, and “Chicken Nuggets,” a juicy bite-sized boneless chicken, making it the perfect menu for those who want to eat a variety of foods in one sitting. There are 10 different types of S-size pizzas to choose from, including the Pizza Hut Margherita and Deluxe, as well as classic favorites such as Teri Mayo Chicken and Special Bulgogi.

The set menu is packaged in a special box, making it convenient to carry around. It is also reasonably priced, from 700 yen (excluding tax) for take-out and 1,000 yen (excluding tax) for delivery. Available at over 440 Pizza Hut stores nationwide, excluding some locations.


Pizza Set for One, “My Box” by Pizza Hut

【Sales Period】 Jan 12 (Tue) – Mar 28 (Sun), 2021
【Price】 To-Go From 700 yen / Delivery From 1,000 yen
【Official Web Site】 https://www.pizzahut.jp/topic/set/mybox

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