【Nationwide release】An adhesive stick for clothing that reproduces the world of Sailor Moon will be released in late June. 【Damn Cute!】

Adhesive cleaner “COLOCOLO®” for clothes that collaborated with “Sailor Moon” will be released at the end of June.

Two types of sticks will release. One of them is “Pretty girl warrior Sailor Moon ColoColo® Moonstick Ver.” Which reproduces the “moon-stick” moth that appears in the movie from the “Sailor Moon” series. The other one is
“Sailor Moon CoroColo® Item Ver” which is designed the Sailor Moon Motif casually.

Pretty girl warrior Sailor Moon ColoColo® Moonstick Ver.

It has a design that reproduces the moon-stick kite that appears in the play. The moon portion of the moon-stick is decorated with gold plating, and the illusion of silver crystal is a specification made with clear parts. Even if you decorate the shelf or desk in your room, you will feel like it is an item that you just want to show.

Pretty girl warrior Sailor Moon ColoColo® Moonstick Ver.
1,980 yen (+tax)

Sailor Moon CoroColo® Item Ver.

A design with a sailor moon motif all over the case. As it’s compact size & light weight to enter porch, it’s convenient for carrying around. It’s a required item for adult girls that can be used quickly when you notice them on the go.

Sailor Moon CoroColo® Item Ver.
1,200 yen (+tax)

Both tape parts adopt exclusive adhesive tape which does not damage clothes which catch dust and hair tightly, and practicality is realized as well as appearance.

Where you can get them?

It will be sold at variety shops, drug stores, home improvement centers, and internet stores around the country in late June.

I will update if I find the shop in OSAKA!