【Nationwide / Sweets Paradise】All-you-can-eat melon starts July 10!


All-you-can-eat melon will be available at all Sweets Paradise stores from Friday, July 10, 2020.

“All-You-Can-Eat Seasonal Fruit”

As part of the popular “Fruit Paradise” program, “All-You-Can-Eat Seasonal Fruit”, this year’s all-you-can-eat program will begin again with domestic melons as the main attraction. Last year’s popular “One whole melon” project was a highlight. The melons, which are served in a limited number of pairs, can be cut into pieces and enjoyed as they are. You can also use fruit and ice cream toppings to create a twist on a sweet treat. The menu is a luxurious way to enjoy the juicy melon in season.

Fruit Paradise’s unique dessert menu

There are also a variety of unique desserts on the Fruit Paradise menu, such as special shortcakes made with red and green-fleshed melons of different varieties, as well as mill crepes filled with seasonal fruits. They also have a selection of drinks filled with fruit flavors, which you can enjoy with delicious melon sweets.


“All you can eat melon.” in Sweets Paradise

【Period】Jul. 10 (Fri) – Middle of Sep.
【Contents】All-you-can-eat melon + recommendations all you can eat (with drink bar and Häagen-Dazs Il Gelato)
*Melon production area and variety may vary depending on the season and store.
*The whole offering is limited to one whole pair
【Price】Adult/Adult/ 2,220 yen (tax included) Child/ 1,770 yen (tax included) *Time limit 100 minutes
【Store】Sweets Paradise All stores
【Store in Osaka】Umeda Store, Tennoji Mio Store, Expo city Store