【Nationwide sweets paradise】“Sweets Paramewos!”, An all-you-can-eat “cat sweets”, will be held for a limited time!


“Sweets Paramewos!”, A cat-themed sweets menu, will be held at all Sweets Paradise stores. The period is from January 24 (Fri) to April 14 (Tue) 2020.

A lot of cute sweets with cats as the leading role!

In “Sweets Paramewos!”, You can eat all-you-can-eat sweets with cat motifs.

Featured menu

The highlight is the unique cake menu with a cat theme. “Pink paw mewos! Strawberry mousse” decorated with “ball ball” pattern decoration on bavarois kneaded with strawberry puree, caramel chiffon cake with fluffy texture, and “tortoiseshell chiffon” “Yuzu Montblanc-Kitty cat’s bippy-” with a motif of “cat’s bippy” on Montblanc with Yuzu cream.

Petite Desert

A cute little petit dessert, such as a strawberry milk-flavored jelly “Sweet Strawberry Milk Parameows” with the cat’s tail as the symbol, and a “Kitty cat meeting cupcake” with two types of garlic, chocolate cream and whipped cream. Is also available.

The shop is also full of cats!

During the period, not only the menu, but also the inside of the store is “cat-colored”. In collaboration with Makoto Muramatsu, a popular illustrator known for the cover art of “Big Comic Original” (Shogakukan), the illustration of “Muramatsu Cat” decorates the shop. For customers who order more than the 1,320 yen course, there are special plans for cat lovers, including a coaster with a cat illustration by Makoto Muramatsu.


Sweets Paramewos!

【Event Period】January 24 (Fri)-April 14 (Tue) 2020
【Store】All Suites Paradise
【Store in Osaka】Umeda Store, Tennoji Store, Expo city store