【Nationwide / Umeda】Pokemon “Pikachu” BABY-G collaboration watch will release!

From BABY-G, a collaboration watch with Pokemon “Pikachu” will appear. The watch “Pikachu Collaboration Model” will be released from Friday, November 8, 2019.

BABY-G 25th Anniversary Pikachu Collaboration Model 13,000 yen + tax

Inspired by Game Boy exclusive software “Pocket Monster Red / Green”

BABY-G, which celebrates its 25th anniversary year, focuses on the number “25”. Since the Pokémon picture book number is “025”, collaboration with Pikachu was realized. The idea came from the “Pocket Monster Red / Green” gameboy software released in 1996. At that time, he expressed coolly the world view of a popular game that had enthusiastic many people.

Neon lightning bolt & monster ball

The base is a black body watch. The motif is a lightning bolt that reminds of “Pikachu” and a monster ball that symbolizes “Pocket Monster”. The band has a neon color.

Pikachu dial

The dial is finished with a 90’s taste reminiscent of the game screen of the time. When the EL backlight is turned on, the game dot Pikachu will come out as a special specification.

Monster ball type package

In addition, “0:25” numbers are printed on the ring to create an anniversary feeling. The back cover was engraved with the back of Pikachu. Package is monster ball type. A playful wristwatch is a great gift for someone special.


BABY-G 25th Anniversary Pikachu Collaboration Model

【Price】13,000 yen + Tax
【Release Date】November 8 (Fri)
【Size】 44.7×40.0×12.5mm
【Store】Online, G-Shock Store OSAKA (Grand Front OSAKA)