【Nationwide / UNIQLO】 Pokémon & Sumikko Gurashi’s “Moko Moko (Fluffy)” Kids Loungewear on Sale!

UNIQLO will launch Pokémon and Sumicco Gurashi kids’ loungewear on November 19, 2020, followed by the Sumicco Gurashi series on December 18, 2020, at UNIQLO stores that carry them.

The Pokémon Fleece Set

With the release of “Pokémon” movie coming soon, the “Pokémon” series has a lineup of fleece sets based on the theme of “Night Explorer”. The design expresses the idea of “adventuring through the city at night with Pokémon,” with the boys’ dark-toned pajamas featuring neon “Pikachu” and more.

The girls’ pastel-colored loungewear is adorned with “Eevee” and more on the chest of the tops, while the pants are sprinkled with star & moon motifs.

Novelties will be given away to those who purchase room wear. You can get soft vinyl dolls such as ‘Pikachu & Lizardson’ and a serial code to get Phantom Pokémon and Dog in the game ‘Pokémon Sword Shield’ on a first-come-first-served basis.

Sumikko Gurashi fleece set and poncho blanket

The “Sumikko Gurashi” series includes “Fun sleepover party at home with Sumikko Gurashi’s friends! The concept of this lounge wear is “to make you feel at home”. The lineup includes a fluffy fleece set decorated with popular characters such as ‘Shirokuma’ and a poncho blanket with a hood in the motif of a pigeon bear.

Novelties for fans are also available. If you purchase fleece set or poncho blanket, you can get ‘Tenori (Palm size) Plushie’ of characters such as ‘Polar Bear’, ‘Pigeontail’ and ‘Ebifurai no Shippo (Tail of Fried Shrimp)’.


UNIQLO Kids Loungewear 2020 Christmas Collection

【Store】 UNIQLO Kids stores and online stores

【Release Date】 Nov 19 (Thu), 2020
【Item】 (Boys) Pokémon Fleece Set – 3 colors and patterns – 1,990 yen + tax for each, 110cm-160cm
(Girls) Pokémon fleece set in two colors and 1,990 yen + tax for each, 110cm-160cm
*160 cm only in the online store
1) Starting November 19 (Thu), if you buy one Pokémon Fleece Set, you’ll get one clear-colored Pokémon Kid (set of two soft vinyl dolls).
*The type of set cannot be selected. *Ends when supplies last.
*No upper limit for in-store purchases. Maximum of 3 sets per order if purchased at the online store.
2) Orders placed at the UNIQLO Online Store will be delivered in the original Pokémon Box, starting on November 16 (Mon).
*No choice of pattern. *The offer ends when they are all gone.
*Original boxes will be used for delivery even if you order items other than the Pokémon Fleece Set.
*Some items may be delivered in a regular box, depending on the location and delivery method.
3) Starting November 19 (Thu), the first customer to purchase a Pokémon Fleece Set will receive a card with a “Phantom Pokémon Get Challenge” campaign code.
*The “Phantom Pokémon Get Challenge” campaign will start on November 20(Fri), 2020.
*Campaign code will be valid from November 20 (Fri), 2020 to April 30 (Fri), 2021.
*There will be a total of 24 different patterns on the cards, which cannot be selected.
*Cards will be distributed at stores that carry UNIQLO Kids and will not be available at some stores and online stores.
*Cards will be distributed at UNIQLO Kids stores and will not be available at some stores or online stores.

Sumikko Gurashi
【Release Date】 Dec 18 (Fri), 2020
【Item】 Sumikko Gurashi Fleece Set – 3 colors and patterns – ¥1,990 + tax for each, 110cm-160cm
Sumikko Gurashi Poncho Blanket – 3 colors and pattern – JPY 1,990 each + tax approx. 138cm x 62cm
1) From December 18 (Fri.), if you buy one Sumikko Gurashi Fleece Set or Sumikko Gurashi Poncho Blanket, you will get a plushie of Tenori for free.
(At store) Available in a choice of patterns. Finish when they are all gone.
(At Online store) You cannot choose the type of pattern. Maximum of 3 gifts per order.
*If you choose to pay at store checkout or pick up at store checkout, gift is conditional on online store. Giveaway ends when supplies last.
2) The online store limited sets will be available from Friday, December 18. There are three types of sets in total.