【New Opening!】A grilled skewer tavern “Edobori Kushi no Mukogawa” opened.


They mainly serving domectic beef and grilled New Zealand Lamb meat and they are going to use “Spring Lumb meat” which is grown only pasture from early spring to early summer.

Source: Senba Economic News paper
(Charcoal-grilled lamb chops)

Skewers menu is beef hormones such as “lever”, “Hatsu” (180 yen ea.), “Marucho” (280 yen) and “special Japanese beef joh baraniku (means premium boneless rib)” (380 yen), “special Japanese beef premium sirloin” (480 yen). And also they offer the Lamb meat for individual part, such as “shoulder”, “fatty meat” (200 yen ea.) and “heart” (280 yen) .

Source: Senba Economic News paper
(Charcoal-grilled skewers of outside skirt.)

Besides grilled skewer, they will offer charcoal grilled lamb chop with “Salt & Pepper”, “Tare with szechuan pepper flavor”, and “smoke”. And also there is row meat menu such as “raw omasum” (480 yen), “Lamb lever cooked low-temperature” (380yen), “Roasted row Lamb fillet meat” (480 yen).

Restaurant information

Edobori, skewer of meat, “Kushi no Mukogawa” (Tavern)

Address / 1-16-31 Edobori, Nishi-ward, Osaka
Phone / 050-5597-0731
Hour / 17:00 to 24:00 (23:30 L.O.)
URL / https://kushinomukougawa.aveniaile.com/ (Only Japanese)
R eservation / Phone or https://tabelog.com/osaka/A2701/A270102/27109756/
(Only Japanese but you can check reservation status.)

Source: Senba Economic News paper
(Inside store.)