【NEWS】Chogokin (Superalloy) “Gundam Hello Kitty” & “Char’s Zaku II Hello Kitty” to be released in July!

A collaboration between the popular Sanrio character “Hello Kitty” and the popular anime “Mobile Suit Gundam” that celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2019 in the “Chogokin (Superalloys)” series released since 1974. It is announced that “Chogokin Gundam Hello Kitty” and “Chogokin Char’s Zaku II Hello Kitty” will be released sequentially in Japan and 22 regions from July 2020.

Promotion Video

In July, “Mobile Suit Gundam”, which celebrated its 40th anniversary, and “Hello Kitty”, which celebrated its 45th anniversary, collaborated with the superalloys “Gundam ★ Hello Kitty” and “Char’s Exclusive Zaku II ★ Hello Kitty” will be decided to be released, and the PV of this item was released.

Gundam × Hello! Kitty

Based on the “Chogokin (Superalloys) Hello Kitty” that appeared in 2014, it comes in a special version with “Gundam” and “Char’s Zaku II” coloring. In addition to enjoying the heavy weight and cool feel of the die-cast material, it can be displayed in three modes such as the sitting mode. In addition, the hatch of the head cockpit can be opened and closed, and the attached mini-figure with the image of “Amro” and “Char” can be boarded. Furthermore, when the cockpit switch is pressed, the expression of the eyes changes to three types.

The Hello Kitty to be boarded is designed in the image of “Amro Ray” and “Char Aznable”.


Chogokin Gundam ★ Hello Kitty / 7,480 yen
Chogokin Char Zaku II ★ Hello Kitty / 7,480 yen

【Release Date】July, 2020
【Reservation start date】January 31, 2020