【Nihonbashi】Let’s taste the art-like hand-rolled sushi in “NONONO”!


“NONONO”, a hand-rolled sushi restaurant in Niho
nbashi, Osaka, is a restaurant where you can experience hand-rolled sushi using specialty ingredients carefully selected by professionals.
It is only 1 minute from Nihonbashi Station and has easy access to nearby attractions such as Kuromon Market and Nihonbashi Electric Town.

Let’s experience a slightly different hand-rolled sushi!

When you enter the shop, you will see a lot of bright ingredients lined up. It would be nice to see the craftsman’s skill to carefully arrange the ingredients over the counter seats.

Colorful ingredients are like art. Keep an eye on the craftsmanship of delicate cooking! It is a stunning beauty that you will want to upload to SNS.

Discerning ingredients to use

The ingredients for hand-rolled sushi use 35 kinds of vegetables and 5 kinds of fruits. White rice from Nara Prefecture is added to the flavor when cooked with kelp. They use fresh seafood purchased in the morning at the market.

Challenge “hand-rolled sushi” in a slow space!

Hand-rolled sushi made with “NONONO” is a wasteful beauty to eat. It seems that there are some unusual materials in the art-like ingredients prepared by craftsmen.

“NONONO” Hand-rolled Sushi Plate (Seafood and Vegetable Plates, Shari, Soup, Nori) 1,780 yen (excluding tax)

The “Nonono” hand-rolled sushi plate comes with soup and seaweed, as well as colorful sashimi, seasonal vegetables and fruits, tempura, and pickles as ingredients for hand-rolled sushi. It is attractive to be able to taste many ingredients at once.

“Hand-rolled sushi plate of seafood and meat, seasonal vegetables” (plate of seafood, meat, vegetables, pickles, pickles) 2,380 yen (excluding tax)

This is the “Seafood and Meat, Seasonal Hand-Molded Sushi Plate” with “Nonono” Hand Rolled Sushi Plate and Sashimi, Horse Meat and Awa Chicken. Recommended for those who want to enjoy both seafood and meat.

In addition to soy sauce, various seasonings are available for hand-rolled sushi of Nonono. There are also rare seasonings that are not used in general sushi, such as carrots, apples, and mustard vinegar, so you can enjoy hand-rolled sushi that is a bit different from home.

The key to making hand-rolled sushi beautifully is to use a small amount of white rice. All you have to do is make your own hand-rolled sushi, choosing your favorite ingredients and seasonings.

It is not only sushi that is particular about.

There is also a large selection of sake that goes well with the handmade sushi of Nonono. There are more than 30 types of sake, beer, fruit wine, etc., such as the popular “Shinsei No. 6” and the difficult to obtain “14”.

For those who are not good at sake or those who like sweet liquor, try fruit wine. You can arrange your favorite way of drinking, such as water splitting and soda splitting.

Taste the “hand-rolled sushi” produced by professionals.

We introduced “Nonono” in Nihonbashi, Osaka. Hand-rolled sushi that uses delicate, beautiful and fresh ingredients like art. Please taste the exquisite sushi made by professionals.



【Regular Holiday】No Scheduled Holiday
【Reservation】050-3503-8032 or Table check
【Address】1-18-4 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi