【Ogimachi, OSAKA】Stationery Girl’s Expo petit OSAKA will be held from April 14 to 16.

A popular event from Tokyo, held for the first time in Osaka! From the long-established store to the up-and-coming new manufacturer, the 74 shopkeepers select and display and sell stationery. Maybe you can find unique item and will be good souvenir! There is a girl’s expo, but men are of course welcome!

What’s Stationery Girl’s Expo!?

Notebooks used daily, letters sent to someone, stationery girls always want to choose something special with feelings! It’s this expo that started in response to such thoughts.

Stationery Girl’s Expo is one of the largest stationery festivals in Japan where you can experience the charm of stationery and purchase products on the spot.

Floor Map of EXPO

What kind of stationary will be there?

This year’s first stationery girl’s fair in Osaka, though petit, will have 74 manufacturers participating. So you will find lots of unique and fun stationery. Let me introduce you a little bit.

“Big Buddha clip”
“Shiachi Hata Teak”
*Shiachi Hata means the ink penetration mark in the name of the stamp maker.
“Irodori pad” (Colorful ink pad)

Information about Event

Stationery Girl’s Expo petit OSAKA

Period / April 14 to 16 2019
Hour / Part 1 : Entrance to 9:00 starts until 11:30 (final entry 11:00)
Part 2 : Entrance to 12:00 starts until 14:30 (final entry 14:00)
Part 3 : Entrance to 15:00 starts until 17:30 (final entry 17:00)
※ Replacement system of capacity three times each day.

Location / Kantere (Kansai TV) Ogimachi Square Event space
Kantere Ogimachi Square 1F 2-1-7 Ogimachi, Kita- ward, OSAKA
Admission fee / 500 yen
※ Admission ticket is only for advance sale, there is no sale of ticket on the day

Tickets are sold at Lawson and below.