【Online / Nationwide electronics retail stores】Demon Slayer, “Tanjiro and Nezuko” instant camera will be available from December 10!

Fujifilm’s instant camera Instax “Cheki” and the TV anime “Demon Slayer” will launch limited collaboration models “Sumijiro Cheki BOX” and “Priest Slayer Cheki BOX” in December 2020. From the 10th (Thursday), it will be sold at electronics mass merchandisers and camera chains across the country.

Demon Slayer” and “Cheki” collaborate

TV anime ‘Demon Slayer’ is based on the comic of the same title by AGOTAGE Yoseharu, which is currently being published by SHUEISHA JUMP Comics. The sad story of man and demon and the eerie battle scenes have attracted attention, and the movie “Demon Slayer” Mugenretsu Hen, which was released in October, has been a hit.

“Tanjiro & Nezuko” kimono pattern design

This time, we collaborated with the instant camera “Instax ‘Cheki'”, which can be printed and enjoyed on the spot. Based on the Instax Mini 11 released in May, we created an instant camera with an original design featuring the kimono patterns of “Kamado Tanjiro” and “Kamado Nezuko “, the main characters of “Demon Slayer”.

“Earring & bamboo tube” pouches with charms also

The box contains not only the camera, but also various “Cheki” accessories. It comes with Tanjiro’s earring, a shoulder pouch with a charm inspired by Nezuko’s bamboo tube, and a checkered print storage case based on Tanjiro’s backpack.


Instant camera “Cheki” instax mini 11 “Demon Slayer” limited edition box

【Release Date】 Dec 10 (Thu), 2020
【Price】 Open Price
【Store】 Over-the-counter and online stores in electronics stores, camera chains, photography stores, and general merchandise stores across the country, as well as Fujifilm’s online store

【The set includes】
1 unit of the original design “Cheki” “instax mini 11” (2 types)
1 shoulder pouch with original design charm (2 types)
1 original design shoulder strap (2 types)
Original Design Back-bearing Box-Type Cheki Print Storage Case 1pc
10 original design Cheki print storage sleeves (2 for each of the 5 designs)
Original Design Original Cheki Prints (2 types)