【Online Shopping】Colonel Muska’s sunglasses and “Pazu’s goggle-type glasses of Castle of the Sky” will be commercialized.

Eyewear based on Colonel Muska’s sunglasses appearing in “The Castle of the Sky” and goggles of the hero Pazu will be released.

Sunglasses of Colonel Muska

This product was developed under Studio Ghibli joint planning and supervision, “Musca Colonel Sunglasses” is 29,700 yen ( tax-included).
To reproduce the sunglasses of colonel Muska, also it comes with a colored lens.

Pazu’s goggle type glasses

“Pazu’s goggle type glasses frame” is 34,560 yen(tax-included).
Pazu’s aviator goggles are arranged as a practical frame.

There is a reservation privilege!

Both are equipped with a lens cross and a special case specially designed for robot soldiers, and delivery is scheduled from the end of September to the end of October. Also, as a reservation bonus from May 22nd to July 21st, three gold coins that Colonel Muska gave to Pazu will be attached.

It may be difficult to receive in Japan as it is a pre-order item. In that case, it is better to use tenso.com.


Sunglasses of Colonel Muska
【Price】27,500 yen (tax-included)

Pazu’s goggle type glasses frame
【Price】34,560 yen (tax-included)

【Reservaion】 https://www.tokyogiga-shop.com/
【Package Transferring Service】 https://www.tenso.com/