【Online Shopping】Cute cat shaped geta (wooden clogs), “Nyara-geta”

“Hachiware (Black & white)” and “Russian Blue” have appeared in the popular product “Nyara-geta” from Nara’s well-established footwear maker “Nara geta shop”.

About “Nyara-geta”

The Geta “Nyargarta” with a cute cat silhouette, delivered by Nara Getaya, is not only cute but also made by a well-established footwear manufacturer, so it’s easy-to-wear as well.

・The material is made of EVA with excellent cushioning properties.
・It’s soft like a foot is sucked and it’s also strong in water.
・It’s waterproof! Beach, watering flowers, great for walks!
・Clog thong has both its strength and softness due to its proprietary I-slit structure.
・It’s difficult to get tired and tired from walking for a long time!

Item Information

Nyarageta “Hachiware (Black & white)”, “Russian Blue”

【Release Date】June 1st, 2019
【Size】For Women (Vertical 25 cm × Horizontal 13cm ×Thickness 3cm)
For Children ( Vertical 17.5 cm × Horizontal 9cm ×Thickness 3cm)
【Price】3,780 yen (Tax included)
【Where to buy】 http://www.narageta.jp/nyarageta/index.html