【Online Shopping】Evangelion’s coolest container comes to Villevan Online Store.

Evangelion’s new product comes up from Village Vanguard, which plans, develops and sells interesting character goods going diagonally! Village Vanguard online store has also started handling.

7,150 yen (includes tax) / each

NERV headquarters 3rd replenishing station folding container

New color (GRAY / OD / TAN) has appeared in the folding container of the long-selling NERV headquarters 3rd replenishment station !! It is a color development that is familiar to the atmosphere of the room. As well as the design, the casing is an Oricon used in actual logistics sites, so both strength and durability are guaranteed. It is a nice point to be compact when folded. It is a nice point to be compact to take home as a souvenir!

WILLE folding container

This time, not only NERV but also containers of anti-NERV organization “ WILLE ” appeared! Since the housing is the same as the NERV container, strength, durability and compactness when folded are perfect. In any case, it is also possible to lock the lid using a key or an insulation lock.

7,150 yen (includes tax)

Suitcase belt

In addition to the above, there are belts that can be attached to suitcases and used as markers. It is a color development reminiscent of EVA aircraft.

2,200 yen (includes tax) / each


Evangelion container, suitcase belt

【URL】 https://vvstore.jp/feature/detail/13183/