【Online Shopping】Limited to 477! Scotch Whiskey Launched with “Devilman” Label.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the manga artist Go Nagai’s drawing work, the special label Devilman’s special label Whiskey will be available in 477 copies!

A visionary whiskey sold out immediately

The second Scotch whiskey “Devilman” label is to be released, and the first version released last year is a popular item sold out in a day after its release.

The whiskey to match the Devilman label is a long-term aging whiskey of 44 years in the 1973 distilling of single grain whiskey “Inver Gordon”. In addition, a single malt of the “Imperial” distilled in 1997, which is rare because it has already become a closed distillery. A lineup of three types of single malts of the 1998 distilling of “Glenmoray” with a typical speyside flavor.

Each label and whiskey

Devilman × Inver Gordon 1973

Price: 32,400 yen (tax included)
Limited: 120 bottles

Devilman Saga × Glenmoray 1998

Price: 25,920 yen (tax included)
Limited: 162 bottles

Devilman Saga × Glenmoray 1998

Price: 23,220 yen (tax included)
Limited: 195 bottles


Nagai Goh Painting 50th Anniversary “Devilman” label whiskey will be released on Shogakukan’s comprehensive mail order site “Gallery for Adults” from 9:30 May 21st.

URL: https://www.pal-shop.jp/category/IP_001_013_001/P79801029.html