【Online Shopping】SAKE in beautiful bottle.

Maybe you know this SAKE because this item appeared in 2015, and the bottle design that expressed the figure of golden carp became a topic.

Sales will be resumed soon!

Since May 1st, the day of conversion from Heisei to Reiwa, is also a day of carp, a new unit of old Japanese liquid measurement version which is 1800 ml will be released on May 1st! (But actually it has already started selling! )

Nishikigoi (Golden carp)
5,000 yen / 720 ml
10,000 yen / 1800 ml

Why golden carp sake?

In the days when sake was shipped in barrels, rice was a valuable item and liquor made from rice was also a valuable item. The sake breweries that wanted to make even a little bit of money were said to dilute liquor and distribute them to liquor stores, and liquor stores further diluted liquor with water and sold to customers. It was filled with a bottle of liquor that had been diluted so that the goldfish could swim, and people called it “goldfish liquor.”

However, even in such times, it is said that the story of being very pleased from the liquor store has been carried out, since the liquor was distributed without thinning in “Imayotsukasa shuzo (brewing)” ​​to make Nishikigoi (golden carp). The Japanese sake “Nishikigoi” was developed from the idea of ​​producing a magnificent style of liquor that embodies the way of Imayotsukasa brewing.

Shopping information

You can get them by online. However they won’t ship to worldwide.
If you come to Japan in the near future, why don’t you purchase it.

Now on Sale
Nishikigoi 1800 ml / 10,000 yen
Nishikigoi 720 ml / 5,000 yen