【Online Shopping】Two new Coca-Cola rim bottles designed by the popular fashion brand A BATHING APE® are now available in Coca-Cola rim bottles!

Launched in Japan in 2015, the “Slim Bottle” has collaborated with a fashion brand for the first time! The Coca-Cola slim bottle A BATHING APE® design will go on sale nationwide on Monday, May 25 in limited quantities.

In collaboration with the popular fashion brand A BATHING APE®, two designs, one in the BAPE® design and the other in the MILO design, are now available on Amazon.

Product Features

● The first “slim bottle” designed in collaboration with a fashion brand.
● A BATHING APE®, a popular domestic and international fashion brand, has collaborated with A BATHING APE® and released two different designs.
● “The Slim Bottle is a premium package with a high level of design that maximizes the enjoyment of the chilled Coca-Cola’s unique taste.

Targets / Drinking situations

● Centered on fans of Coca-Cola and A BATHING APE®.
● Perfect for having fun with friends and family, or for leisure!


A BATHING APE® and two popular designs from the Coca-Cola capsule collection are now available.

The Coca-Cola Slim Bottle BAPE® design is a camouflage design with the A BATHING APE® logo ‘APE HEAD’ on the bottle.

The other type of Coca-Cola slim bottle MILO design features the popular character “BABY MILO®” in the center of the bottle, which has been loved by A Bathing APE® fans for many years.

Official site / SNS

Official Site: https://cocacola.jp
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CocaColaJapan
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cocacolapark
Line: https://page.line.me/cocacolajapan
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cocacola_japan/

Shopping Information

Coca-Cola Slim Bottle with BAPE® Design
Coca-Cola” Slim Bottle with MILO Design

【Release Date】May 25 2020
【Price】125 yen / 250ml