【Osaka Castle】Eat and walk in Osaka Castle Park! “JO-TERRACE OSAKA” Takeout Gourmet Feature.

Osaka Castle is a staple spot for sightseeing in Osaka!

We introduce the recommended take-out gourmet shop that you can eat in the gourmet town called “JO-TERRACE OSAKA” at the foot of it.

Takoyaki Doraku “WANAKA”

Osaka Takoyaki “Wanaka” is a popular restaurant that has its main store Sennichimae Osaka.

The dough is really delicious in the Takoyaki (8-piece, 500 yen sauce flavor) in the bunker! Dashi (soup stock) works well, the outside is crispy, inside is finished in a meltable texture. In addition to the sauce taste, you can choose the seasoning from the three types of kettle-cooked salt, soy sauce and thick sauce.

If you are full of stomachaches, you may also want to try the Tako-sen special dish (200 yen). Specially cooked shrimp roasted rice cracker with hot takoyaki, a handy menu that can be eaten with one hand.

Tako-sen, 200 yen

Tako-sen with a crisp texture, combined with the Takoyaki’s thick texture, it’s going to be the best texture!

A limited menu of “Mix Juice (300 yen)” such as the Osaka Castle Park Store is also recommended as a popular drink. It will be handmade after ordering. You can enjoy the traditional taste of Osaka mixed with milk, banana, canned orange etc!

Store information

Takoyaki Doraku, “WANAKA” Osaka Castle Park Store

【Address】3-1 Osaka Castle, Chuo-ku, Osaka
【Location】 JO-TERRACE OSAKA  F Terrace 102
【Hour】11:00~22:00(L.O. 21:30)
【Regular holiday】No holiday

Kobe butter crepe shop Hysteric jam

It is a shop of crepe that the dough of “crispy, fluffy, and juicy” texture is attractive using plenty of butter for the dough.

There are over 100 different types of crepes!

“Matcha tea tiramisu” (680 yen)
It is the most popular menu that is loved by both Japanese and foreign tourists!

They use plenty of original premium cream, and it is royal road to eat first with spoon.

Store information

Hysteric Jam Osaka Castle Park Store

【Address】3-1 Osaka Castle, Chuo-ku, Osaka
【Location】 JO-TERRACE OSAKA  F Terrace 104
【Phone】 06-6450-6696
【Regular holiday】Monday & Thursday
(If the regular holiday falls on a holiday or event day, it will be open.)

Bakery Ferdinand

It is a small bakery on the second floor of the F terrace, and you can eat it at the table in the store, as well as take out.

Melon bread (150 yen) is a luxurious one that fully tastes the finest butter flavor used in Ferdinand.

Shop recommended apple pie (200 yen) is full of sweet apples in crispy pie dough that is likely to crumble!

If you want to eat plentifully, I also recommend “Shiromi (Viewing Castle) Burger” (450 yen). Inside is simple with hamburger lettuce cheese, but the meat is very juicy and the compatibility with the soft buns is outstanding!

Store information

Bakery Ferdinand

【Address】3-1 Osaka Castle, Chuo-ku, Osaka
【Location】 JO-TERRACE OSAKA  F Terrace 2nd floor
【Phone】 06-6450-6969
【Regular holiday】No holiday