【OSAKA Castle】Experience the fantastic Osaka Castle. (Enchanted Night Walk)

A night walk experience that combines fantastic sounds and light with the nature of Osaka Castle. Interactive digital art pulls you into the world of stories. With girl Akiyo who came from the future and strange joy spirits,
Let’s go on an adventure to find a way back to the future at Osaka Castle Park at night.

To the fantastic world

When you get something in exchange for a ticket and it passes through one space, the story begins. And we are drawn into a story at once, and we are invited to a fantastic world. Not just looking, you will be part of the story, and if you notice, you will be a resident of the fantastic world.

Osaka Castle talks…

When you go through a fantastic forest, the wall which was built for protecting castle and its lord wake up and talk, and you will remember that the fantastic world is developing in Osaka Castle.

wonder what are they talking about

Mysterious journey continues

Where the main character of the story appears somewhere, the story goes on. They speak Japanese, but you can enjoy it even if you don’t understand Japanese.

A hero and a strange companion lead the story.

Fantastic forest again

A forest surrounded by mist and a bewitching light is so fantastic and you can enjoy shooting photo. And you will be amazed at the unusual appearance of Osaka Castle, which is seen behind the forest.

Surprise waiting at the end

Passing through the fantastic forest and crossing the bridge leading to Osaka Castle, you will find the culmination you have been promoting as part of the story. However, enjoy this surprise from experience.

To the Osaka Castle and surprise end will be waiting for you.



【Event Schedule】Everyday
【Hour】Sunset to 22:00
*20:40 final entrance receptionist.
*Business hours vary depending on the season.

【Location】Osaka Castla

Adult(18 years old or older), Advance ticket 2,700 yen / Day 3,200 yen
13-17 years old and 65 years old or older
Advance Ticket 1,800 yen / Day Ticket 2,200 yen
Child (4-12 years old), Advance Ticket 1,000 yen / Day Ticket 1,200 yen
Special treatment for disabled people, 1,500 yen

【URL】https://sakuyalumina.jp/en/ (Other language available)