【Osaka Castle】Great Santa Run 2019 will be held on December 8th at Osaka Castle Park.

On December 8th, runners in Santa Claus and Reindeer will appear at Osaka Castle. Participation in the run has been closed, but on the day of the event there will be cheer leading performances, marching band performances, and the Osaka Gourmet Summit.

About Great Santa Run

Great Santa Run is a charity event that runs happily wearing a variety of Christmas-inspired costumes such as the unique Santa Claus. This is a charity event with the desire to “deliver Christmas gifts for children fighting illness in Japan!” And “I want to support children who cannot receive medical treatment satisfactorily due to poverty overseas!”.

Even if you don’t run, there are charity goods sold at the event venue, so you can easily participate in charity!


Osaka Great Santa Run

【Event Date】Dec. 8 (sun)
【Location】Osaka Castle Park
(Sun Square, Park Road)
【Event Schedule】
10: 00- Opening ceremony
11: 00- Run start
13: 00- After party
(Stage performance / booth event / food corner, etc.)
15: 00- Scheduled to end