【OSAKA Castle】Osaka Castle Craft Beer Holiday 2019 will be held this weekend!

From October 11th (Fri) to October 14th (Mon / holiday), the popular event “Osaka Castle Craft Beer Holiday 2019” which gathered individual craft beers and special foods from all over Japan will be held at JR Osaka Castle Park Station Square. The sixth time of this event, 21 brewery stores have been gathered from all over Japan. In addition, the non-alcoholic cocktail “Mocktel”, which is popular in London, will also appear.

Compare over 100 beers!

You can drink and compare more than 100 types of craft beer, including “Minoh Beer”, “KONISHI Beer”, “Shiga Kogen Beer”, “Minami Shinshu Beer”, etc.

This time, there are also Wakayama’s “Nanki Shirahama Nagisa Beer” which is very popular with women when it is less bitter and easy to drink, and “North Island Beer” that can not be removed when talking about the craft beer of Hokkaido brewed by Blue Master trained in Canada First appearance!

Also, you can take home the original glass with a stylish tulip that pours beer on the day! Different designs are popular every time, and the 2019 version also features Osaka Castle. It is an item that you want to get!

Many foods that go well with beer!

Food menus that best match beer will appear one after another.

The “Hokusetsu Spice Institute” in Minoh is especially recommended. It is a topic that the scented curry that was originally prepared with the spices ground in the morning is shockingly delicious.

Finding your favorite beer and finding the right combination of food is another great thing about this event. From the seafood, western food, deep-fried food to sweets, there are indispensable shops in line.

Also enjoy those who can not drink! “Mocktail” will be appear!

In addition to the craft beer, the fruity and stylish non-alcoholic cocktail “mocktail” is particularly noteworthy.

Mocktail is a coined word that means a non-alcoholic cocktail combining “mock” and “cocktail”, which means “similar or imitated”. It seems that there is a boom all over the world, including London, as an alcohol-free drink! Other soft drinks will be offered at the venue. Even people who are not good at drinking and handle keeper can enjoy the event.


Osaka Castle Craft Beer Holiday 2019

【Period】October 11 (Fri)-14 (Mon / holiday), 2019
October 11 (Friday) 14: 00-21: 00
October 12 (Sat) 13 (Sun) 11: 00-21: 00
October 14 (Mon / Holiday) 11: 00-19: 00
【Location】Osaka Castle Park Station Square
【Address】Osaka Castle, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
【Nearest station】 JR Osaka Castle Park Station
【Ticket Price】
[Advance Ticket] 3,200 yen (tax included) x 7 food and drink tickets + original glass
(* Handling until October 10 (Thursday))
[Same-day ticket] 3,600 yen (tax included) Eating and drinking tickets x 7 + original glass
【URL】 https://www.yte.co.jp/beerholiday/