【OSAKA Castle】”Osaka Castle Town” will open on May 30 in Osaka Castle Park.

“Osaka Castle Town” will open on Thursday, May 30, 2019 in the “JO-TERRACE OSAKA” complex located in Osaka Castle Park. Good things, goods and delicious things from Kansai, including Osaka will be gathered!

The new spot “Osaka castle town” of JO-TERRACE OSAKA

‘Osaka Castle Town’ newly opened in the main space of ‘JO-TERRACE OSAKA’. It will be divided into three areas under the concept of “Japanese Third Place”.

1) Compare eating at popular Ramen shops in various places! “Ramen Street”

On Ramen Street, which recreates a modern Japanese food stall, six popular stores around the country are gathered, and a plan for comparing Ramen will be prepared. It is a great opportunity to enjoy a variety of Ramen at once. You can also enjoy the popular Ramen shops of recent topics, as well as the outstanding Ramen of the first Kansai branch.

2) Luxury space “Japanese style WAHAKU” of sake and steak.

“WAHAKU” that a popular steak that has attracted overwhelming support from sake and foreign tourists has collaborated. You can enjoy not only seasonal limited sake but a wide variety of sake comparisons. At the same time, you can enjoy sirloin, which has the best balance between red meat and fat, moderately fat ribbed rib loin, and high-quality meat with a soft fat-free fillet. Please enjoy the luxurious combination of “Sake × Steak”.

3) Become a ninja and save Osaka! “VR NINJA”

VR experience type facility “VR NINJA” where you can enjoy real-life ninjutsu (the art of concealment) experience by making full use of the currently popular VR technology. It is a story that you time slip in the world of ninjas to help the ninja “Yasuke” who protects the security of Osaka castle town.

After a ninja experience, it is recommended that you take a break at “Ninja Chaya”, a matcha and pastry cafe.


Osaka Jokamachi (Osaka Castle Town)

【Location】JO-TERRACE OSAKA E terrace 2nd floor in Osaka castle park
【Address】3-1 Osakajo, chuo-ward, Osaka
【Hour】11:00 – 21:00
【Osaka castle town’s URL】http://emarche.co.jp/osaka/