【OSAKA Castle】The “Osaka Castle Large Tea Party” will be held on June 16th.

A large-scale tea ceremony will be held on June 16 at the Rooftop Bluebirds Roof Top Terrace at The Landmark Square Osaka in the Miraiza Osaka Castle.

Tea Ceremony and Hideyoshi

The “Osaka Castle Daichakai (large tea party)” reproduces “Kitano Ochayu” once held by Hideyoshi in the present age. It will be a tea party which everybody can experience Japanese culture, and want you to enjoy the fusion of Hideyoshi’s Osaka castle and Japanese culture through tea ceremony.

*”Kitano Daichayu” is a large tea ceremony organized by Toyotomi Hideyoshi on October 1, 1587 (Tensho 15), celebrating the completion of the Kyushu Hirasada and the Jurakudai at the Kitano Tenman Shrine grounds.

Event Information

【DATE】June 16 (Sun), 2019
【Location】THE LANDMARK SQUARE OSAKA, Bluebirds Rooftop Terrace
【Hour】11:00- / 12:00- / 13:00- / 14:00- / 15:00-
5 part up to 80 people each part
【Price】500 yen / person

*English commentary materials are available.