【OSAKA Castle Park】GYOZA Festival will held from April 30 to May 6.

After all, 30 kinds of delicious and delicious looking dumplings will gather in Osaka Castle Park, including delicious local dumplings that you can not miss, Full-scale dim sum that craftsmen deal with, high-quality ingredients such as fashionable dumplings.

What’s GYOZA Festival?

It’s a food event that has attracted more than 770,000 visitors, and is a food event specializing in dumplings. It’s also a topic food event that proposes a new dumpling style for dumpling lovers across the country!

Excellent dumplings by a real dim summoner!

From the first store “Hong Kong Dim Sum Tower”, shrimp steamed dumplings will be released, that you can enjoy the strongest combination of chewy wrapper and juicy shrimp.

Another item is the dried shiitake mushroom and the bamboo shoot “bite-baked gyoza”, which please enjoy the flavor of the ingredients and fresh seasoning!

Pick up fashionable dumplings with a sense of luxury!

The dumplings of “Sichuan and Shishibal PAO 2” of authentic Chinese to enjoy in the bar space is a masterpiece of the skill that mixed several kinds of mushrooms to take advantage of the characteristics of foie gras. When you bite it, the rich taste of gravy and foie gras spreads in the mouth.

“Sapporo Marues Shokudo” provides truffle oil dumplings created by the shopkeeper of there for two years after trial and error. Enjoy the ultimate luxury of a truffle-flavored gyoza with a platter of Hokkaido butter and cheese in wine and champagne.

Unique Gyozas that want to conquer all kinds!

“HARENOHI,” which focuses on food selection, offers “Spicy! Red ginger gyoza” designed for Osaka people who love red ginger. “Ryu no gyoza” (Gyoza of Dragon) provides “Tontoro gyoza” using plenty of domestic pork neck which is a rare part. Kyoto Fushimi-Fukagusa’s popular “Fukukichi of Gyoza” offers gyoza with plenty of meat juice which is using only pork and white leeks without garlic, cabbage, Chinese cabbage and other ingredients. “Anbai” provides cheese gyoza with thick cheese over crispy fried gyoza.

Of course, the stores that have been up for the past generation of dumpling festivals also participate in it! As a gyoza lover, you can’t miss the frame of the local dumplings, the “Utsunomiya Gyozakan (Gyoza House)” boasting delicious umami of vegetables and crisp thin skin, and “Hakata Hashisuke” of Hakata’s bite size gyoza that is popular for its easy-to-eat bite size. “Meatball Soba Otodo × Asakusa Kakuro” will offer “Tokyo Specialties, Meat juice, Otodo Gyoza” that you can enjoy chewy and crispy texture. “Gyoza no miya DenDen” offers “Ko Edo Black Pork Sesame Hot Boiled Gyoza” which is a full-fledged Sichuan Pepper mix soup accented with yam. All 30 types, selected gyoza will gather in the kitchen of nation, OSAKA!

There are also fried rice, drinks and sweets!

There is not only gyoza but also wide variety of fried rice, drinks, and sweets!

Festival Information

Gyoza Festival OSAKA 2019

Period / April 30, 2019 – May 6 2019 (7 days)
Hour / 10:00 – 20:00
Location / Osaka Castle Park, Square of the sun (Taiyo no hiroba)
Price / Admission fee free, ¥600 per Meal Coupon